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MALE PROCEDURES - Surgery for Men in Sydney

Male plastic surgery procedures to help you look younger

MALE PROCEDURES - Surgery for Men in Sydney

Male plastic surgery procedures to help you look younger

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Gyno Surgery for Men

There are a number of reasons why some men develop feminine-looking breasts – it could be genetic, could be caused by medicine or disease…

Male Nose Surgery

The objective of male rhinoplasty is, in essence, to achieve a nose that no one notices anymore. By improving its shape or size, you can transform your appearance.

Male Liposuction

Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, stubborn pockets of fat persist. In men, this tends to occur around the abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), chest and chin.

Male Eyelid Surgery

Our eyes really are our most important feature. They’re what people notice first. They’re what they focus on when speaking to us. And they play a huge role in how youthful…

Male Neck Lift

Loose skin, excess fat or the dreaded turkey wattle can make men look much older than they are. A neck lift can not only tighten and smooth the skin, but also eradicate a double chin.

Male Chin Surgery

Too small? Your lips may look thinner or your nose larger. Too big? Your other features may be overwhelmed. Many men are opting for chin surgery, or genioplasty, to reshape their chin.

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What are Male Procedures?

Plastic surgery offers options for women and men alike. And the number of men undergoing plastic surgery is rising each year.

The most commonly performed male procedures are liposuction, gynaecomastia, lower body lift, tummy tuck but also procedures at the level of the face such as facelift, neck lift, chin surgery, blepharoplasty, and others.

Gynaecomastia is the procedure performed to eliminate excessive breast tissue and to create a more masculine chest. Liposuction can be performed on different areas of the body, but chin, neck, and abdominal liposuction are probably the most sought-after procedures.

Undergoing male procedures you can erase some years from your face, get a masculine-looking body or jaw, and also eliminate saggy skin that is left behind after considerable weight loss.

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Benefits of Plastic Surgery Male Procedures

Male surgery can help you regain your youthful appearance or correct imperfections at the level of the face and body. There are multiple benefits associated with undergoing these procedures such as:

  • Getting rid of saggy skin
  • Less wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved aspect of the face and body
  • Better-contoured body
  • A rejuvenated look

What are the most common cosmetic male procedures surgery?

In any plastic surgery practice approximately 10% of the patients will be male and Dr Hunt’s practice follows that trend. The three most frequently performed procedures in men are: Liposuction, Eyelid reduction and Rhinoplasty

Other common cosmetic procedures for men include gynaecomastia or chest contouring surgery as well as body contouring surgery after significant weight loss, such as a lower body lift or abdominoplasty. Less common procedures include facial rejuvenation such as face lifts and neck lifts, however these are becoming increasingly popular.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes disproportionate areas of fat to create a more balanced body contour. In male patients the most common areas of treatment will be the abdomen as well as the love handles and lower back. However areas such as the neck and under the chin are also frequently treated.

Eyelid Surgery 

The signs of ageing around the eyes can create the appearance of tiredness and many men seek treatment to this area to create a more rejuvenated appearance.

Laxity of skin in the upper eyelids can also obstruct your visual field and an upper eyelid reduction can be performed to relieve the obstructed vision.


Men often seek nose surgery in two circumstances. Firstly, when there has been trauma to the nose due to sporting activities. The nose may be deviated with an obstruction to breathing and many men will seek to correct this post-traumatic deformity.

Secondly, many men will seek correction to their nose for aesthetic reasons such as a large dorsal hump or a particularly long nose that has long caused them concern.

With ageing, there is a tendency for the nose to increase in length creating a dipping or plunging tip and quite often men seek correction of this anomaly in later life.

Other Frequently Performed Male Procedures

Other Frequently Performed Male Procedures

Gynaecomastia Surgery

It is not uncommon during puberty for hormone changes to result in excess glandular tissue. The difficulty is at the end of puberty this excess glandular tissue can remain and creates a feminine appearance to the chest – the dreaded man boobs.

Quite often, the simple act of going to the beach will be uncomfortable for men who have excess breast tissue and, in more significant cases, the contour of the chest can be visible even under a shirt.

Gynaecomastia surgery is often combined with liposuction to create a more masculine contour of the chest.

Post Weight Loss Surgery

After significant weight loss men may be troubled by excess tissue and sagging skin. The areas most commonly addressed to correct these issues will be the abdomen with an abdominoplasty and for men who have lost a significant amount of weight a lower body lift may be considered.

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How are Male Procedures Done?

If you are wondering how male procedures are performed, you should know that in most cases, the procedures follow the same operating techniques as in the case of women. Of course, there are slight differences, but not essential.

Even the procedure that is designed exclusively for men – gynaecomastia – is similar to breast reduction surgery in women. In men, the glandular tissue is not as prominent as in the case of women, but a typical gynaecomastia surgery would involve incisions at the level of the crease under the breasts, as well as the excision of the excess of glandular tissue.

Most procedures are performed with the patient under general anaesthesia unless the procedure is fairly simple, and during the consultation with Dr Hunt, it was decided to go for local anaesthesia with sedation.

The duration of male procedures is dependent on the specific characteristics of each patient and the complexity of each case. While some procedures might take only 30 minutes to be performed, for others, Dr Hunt might need up to three hours or more. Keep in mind that combined procedures usually take longer.

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Recovery after male plastic surgery

The recovery period after male plastic surgery is highly dependent on the complexity of the procedure performed. Expect a certain level of discomfort to occur during the first few days post-op.

It is best to avoid strenuous physical activities during the first week or two after a male plastic surgery and make sure to take time off from work to allow your body to heal. Here are more recommendations for the recovery period after plastic surgery:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks
  • Avoid steam rooms and saunas
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Keep your body hydrated

To avoid risks and complications that could occur during the recovery period make sure to follow Dr Hunt’s directions

Male Surgery Cost Sydney - How much is plastic surgery for men in Sydney NSW? Prices & Fees

The cost of Male Surgery in Sydney, Australia varies for each patient depending on the type of procedure you want, the results you want and the time required in theatre.

Your total cost will include surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist fee, hospital fees and surgical aftercare & support.

During your one on one consultation, Dr Hunt will review your medical history, perform a comprehensive assessment of your features, discuss risks and provide you with an accurate cost for your male surgery procedure.

You can also learn more about possible Medicare & Health Fund coverage, a Male Surgery Payment Plan, or the costs for male surgery on our Surgical Costs page.

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