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Facial Feminisation Sydney Surgery can help transform a masculine-looking face


Facial Feminisation Sydney Surgery can help transform a masculine-looking face

What is Facial Feminisation Surgery - FFS?

Facial feminisation surgery or FFS is a set of reconstructive surgical procedures that transform typically male facial features to make them look more feminine. There are many possible procedures in a typical FFS, including tracheal shave, rhinoplasty, brow and forehead lift, cheek augmentation, hairline advancement, and jaw contouring.

Some people who identify as women do not want to live with the facial features they were born with. They may feel that their appearance does not reflect who they are on the inside.

In FFS, no attempt is made to change the underlying bone structure or remove any significant amount of tissue; rather, it is a matter of changing the shape and size of existing features. This means that FFS requires less recovery time than some other facial procedures.

Facial feminisation surgery is distinct from other forms of plastic surgery for transgender women because it specifically addresses masculine facial features rather than general aesthetic concerns that might apply equally well to non-transgender patients.

Different Types of Facial Feminisation Procedures

Each of these individual procedures can alter facial features and bone structure to bring out a person’s most feminine attributes. Common FFS procedures include:

  • Forehead contouring: this is done to alter the shape of your forehead to become more feminine and smaller
  • Brow lift: this raises a low brow line to a higher position, reduces the prominence, and makes it more feminine
  • Rhinoplasty: this makes the nose look more slender and feminine by altering the tip, bridge, or nostrils
  • Chin recontouring/ augmentation/ softening: this makes the chin appear rounder and softer
  • Lip lift/ lip augmentation: this gives fuller lips and a Cupid’s bow that are associated with a feminine structure
  • Cheek implants or injections in order to increase cheek volume and highlight prominent cheekbones
  • Minimising the Adam’s Apple (tracheal shave): this reduces the size of Adam’s apple so it appears less prominent
  • Hairline lowering: this makes the hairline lower and can decrease the forehead’s size

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About Facial Feminisation Surgery

Before the surgery, during your consultation, you’ll go through a medical evaluation and consultation with your surgeon. During this time, you will also have an opportunity to get answers to any questions that you may have. You may also be advised not to take certain medications a week or two before the surgery.

On the day of your surgery, make sure not to eat or drink anything after midnight. You should also arrange for someone to drive you home following the operation.

Depending on your specific needs, these procedures may be performed individually or in combination as part of a single surgery. Anaesthesia requirements and recovery time will vary based on the number of surgical interventions performed during one session. Some surgeries can be performed using local anaesthesia with sedation, while others require general anaesthesia depending on your specific needs.

Because FFS is a combination of many different procedures, it can take anywhere from one to five hours to complete. Usually, most patients choose to get all the surgeries in two sessions. One for the upper face and the other for the lower face.

Benefits of Facial Feminisation Surgery

The benefits of facial feminisation surgery are:

  • It can reduce the appearance of a “five o’clock shadow”
  • It can reduce the size of your nose to make it appear smaller and more feminine
  • It can reduce your prominent Adam’s apple
  • It can contour your jawline to make it look softer and rounder
  • It can make your chin appear smaller and rounder
  • It can raise your eyebrow ridge to give you a higher-brow and larger eyes

Overall, the surgery can give you a more feminine look and feel.

Who is the Right Candidate for Facial Feminisation Surgery?

Whether you’re a transgender woman who wants to undergo facial feminisation surgery, or a cisgender woman who wants to reduce the masculine features of your face, good candidates for FFS are people who, naturally or not, have a face that doesn’t seem to match how they see themselves or how they want others to see them.

If you’re wondering if FFS is right for you, it probably is. The type of work you’ll have done depends on your particular features. For example, if you have a very high forehead you may want to consider having your hairline lowered, if your jaw looks very square or prominent when viewed from the side you may want to consider jaw reduction, if you have a large or wide nose you may want to consider rhinoplasty to make it smaller and more delicate-looking. You are an ideal candidate for facial feminisation surgery if:

  • The look of your face is not representative for how you feel
  • You don’t like the way your face looks or you are suffering from Gender dysphoria
  • You want to get rid of masculine features in your face so others see you as a woman
  • You are over 18 and can give consent
  • You are aware of the fact that transgender procedures sometimes require hormone therapy prior to surgery and have realistic expectations for the surgery
  • You have no debilitating diseases that are a contraindication for the surgery

Recovery after Facial Feminisation Surgery

Depending on how extensive your surgery needs to be, you may be required to stay overnight in the hospital or stay a few nights.

It is common for FFS patients to experience swelling and bruising after surgery. These symptoms typically last about two weeks but can persist for several months depending on the extent of the procedure. Patients should expect to wait around three months before seeing their final results. Most patients are able to return to work within the first two weeks of the recovery period.

The results of FFS are considered permanent. While your face will continue to age as normal, the overall look will remain feminine and you will not revert back to your previous masculine appearance. You may need to take hormonal therapy to control facial hair and muscle growth, but the bony shape will not alter severely.

Facial Feminisation Surgery Costs Sydney - How much does Facial Feminisation surgery cost in Sydney NSW? Prices & Fees

The cost of facial feminisation surgery varies depending on the complexity of the case along with any other procedures you have done. This FFS fee includes all costs associated with the surgery including, surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees and any medications required after surgery.

Is Facial Feminisation surgery covered by Medicare or private health insurance?

If you meet certain strict criteria, you might be eligible for a partial rebate by medicare or health insurance subsidy for plastic surgery.

You can learn more about possible Medicare & Health Fund coverage, Facial Feminisation Surgery Payment Plan, or the costs for face surgery on our Surgical Costs page.

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Considering Facial Feminisation Surgery?

How do I Find the Best FFS Surgeon in Sydney?


Finding a surgeon can be stressful. Who do you trust? This is why you should be careful about who you choose! Here are some tips on how to find the best surgeon for you:

  • Patient results Photos: photo galleries show you exactly what kind of results your surgeon has delivered in the past. Do you like what you see? How does it compare to your expectations for yourself?
  • Schedule a consult: finally, after doing some research on potential surgeons, it’s time to schedule an appointment with one of them!
  • How you feel: if the surgeon is someone you feel comfortable with, he is the ideal choice. This can make all the difference in how much better you feel after your surgery.

How can I feminise my hairline?


In order to feminise a hairline, it is necessary for the surgeon to adjust the facial bones that support the forehead. This is performed in conjunction with a brow lift and scalp advancement.

Is FFS reversible?


FFS is not considered reversible. In cases where clients have regretted their decision to undergo FFS, it is very difficult and often not possible to reverse the changes made. We strongly urge all clients to be sure of their decision before undergoing any surgical procedures.

Does facial feminisation surgery leave scars?


All surgeries leave scars, and FFS is no exception. However, Dr Hunt will work hard to ensure that all resulting scarring is well-hidden so that you won’t be able to see it after healing.

What facial features are considered feminine?


Some characteristics that are typically associated with femininity include high cheekbones, soft jawline, eyebrows that are shaped like an “M”, a smooth brow ridge, and a hairline that drops down towards the face and of course a smooth neck.

What are the risks and complications of Facial Feminisation Surgery?


All surgery has risks, including facial feminisation procedure. However, these risks are manageable and will be explained to you in detail during your consultation.

The risks of facial feminisation surgery include:

  • Fracture of the bone – although this can be treated in most cases
  • Bleeding from the wound- is very rare and if happens will be controlled during the surgical procedure
  • Infection- you will be given antibiotics for this.
  • Hair loss around the incision site
  • Reaction to anaesthesia- is very rare and manageable
  • Numbness in scalp and forehead
  • Scarring

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About Dr Jeremy Hunt

Dr Hunt has worked with thousands of patients across his 20-year career. This is reflected in his role as Spokesperson for the ASPS – Australian Society of Plastic Surgery. Dr Hunt is also a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and Supervisor of Plastic Surgery Training at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Dr Hunt has a strong interest in helping his patients achieve their desired results by employing the most appropriate practices for each individual patient.