How to Get Rid Of FUPA – a Fat Upper Pubic Area

How to Get Rid Of FUPA – a Fat Upper Pubic Area

Get Rid of FUPA – Bulging Mons Reduction

Fat in the upper pubic area, known as FUPA or bulging mons, is stubborn fat that collects in the upper part of the pubic area just below the bikini line. Several surgical procedures can help you get rid of your bulging mons such as monsplasty, panniculectomy, and abdominoplasty. Other less invasive procedures and treatments like liposuction or cryolipolysis can also help reduce your FUPA and tone your upper pubic area.

Diet and exercise alone are usually not enough to get rid of the fat in the upper pubic area specifically. However, they can help you in losing total body weight and improve the appearance of your lower belly.

Dr Jeremy Hunt is a plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience in body contouring procedures. Dr Hunt regularly performs monsplasty and other fat removal procedures that can help you get rid of FUPA and give your upper pubic area a flatter and smoother appearance.

What Is FUPA Or Bulging Mons?

Beyonce was one of the first celebrities to popularise talking about a FUPA. Fat in the upper pubic area (FUPA) or bulging mons is a pad of stubborn fatty tissue just below your bikini line. The mons pubis is the layer of fat covering your pubic bone. It’s in the shape of an upside-down triangle and extends from your genitals to the top of your pubic hairline.

After pregnancy, abdominal surgery, or massive weight loss, excess fat may accumulate in the mons pubis area and create a bulging effect known as FUPA or bulging mons. As fat builds up, this lower belly pooch can become loose and hang over your pubis and genitals creating an unpleasant appearance especially when you’re wearing tight pants or a bathing suit.

What Causes FUPA?

The mons pubis is a naturally fatty area and is easily susceptible to fat deposits. The upper pubic area can collect excess fat as a result of:

  • Childbirth
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Abdominal surgery (e.g.: C-section)

Moreover, hormonal changes and the menstrual cycle can affect how your mons pubis and vaginal areas look. When your hormones change or when you get your period, your lower belly area can become bloated creating a lower belly bulging appearance. Nevertheless, this effect isn’t usually permanent and your lower belly can go back to normal after your hormones return to their normal levels.

Getting Rid Of FUPA with Cosmetic Procedures

The most popular way to remove fat from the upper pubic area specifically is cosmetic treatment. If you want to get rid of the fat that’s exactly in your upper pubic area, there are surgical and nonsurgical procedures that you can consider.

1.     Monsplasty


A monsplasty, also known as a pubic lift, is a surgical procedure that specifically targets the fatty upper portion of your genital area (your pubic mound). It is specifically designed to reduce bulging mons and get rid of FUPA.

A pubic lift surgery can lift and tighten your entire upper pubic area. During a monsplasty procedure, Dr Hunt will:

  • Carefully cut out extra fat and tissue from your mons pubis area
  • Remove excess skin from your pubic mound
  • Tighten the underlying muscles and tissues

Following a pubic lift, your mons will be less prominent. Your pubic area will look smooth and toned when you wear tight clothes or a bikini – or even when you aren’t wearing anything at all.

A monsplasty surgery can get rid of your FUPA, sculpt and contour your upper pubic area, and create a smoother upper vaginal appearance.

This fat removal surgery not only improves the cosmetic appearance of your mons pubis, but also can also enhance function and comfort. Extra skin and fatty tissue hanging from your mons pubis can cause rashes, infections, and difficulty urinating or having sex.

The removal of extra fat and skin from your upper pubic area has the following additional benefits:

  • Improved hygiene: removing the extra tissue and skin layer that hangs over your genitals will make it easier for you to clean that area and reduce rashes and infections
  • Improved sexual performance: with the large mons pubis out of the way, sexual intercourse will become much more comfortable
  • Less difficulty urinating: getting rid of tissue that hangs down over your genitals can make peeing easier

Dr Hunt often performs a pubic lift as a part of a full post pregnancy surgery. A monsplasty can be combined with breast augmentation surgery, a tummy tuck/ abdominoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation procedures, and other body contouring procedures to help you get back your pre-pregnancy body.

2.     Abdominoplasty

An abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a more comprehensive surgical procedure that removes excess belly fat and skin to tighten and flatten the tummy. During a tummy tuck/ abdominoplasty, Dr Hunt removes extra fat and tissue from all over your stomach. Abdominoplasty can also remove loose skin and fat from the hips (love handles) and back and tighten the abdominal muscles.

A tummy tuck/ abdominoplasty procedure can help you achieve a flat lower belly, improve your abdominal muscle tone, and enhance the contour of your entire stomach. Dr Hunt often recommends a monsplasty at the same time with an abdominoplasty to address the cosmetic concerns in your entire abdomen including the mons pubis areas.

3.     Panniculectomy or Apronectomy

A panniculectomy, also known as apronectomy or lipectomy, is another surgical procedure that can be done to remove excess fat and overhanging skin from your lower abdomen, including your upper pubic area.

A lipectomy removes more fat and tissue from the abdomen than a monsplasty; a pubic lift only targets your upper pubic area fat. On the other hand, an apronectomy removes excess lower belly fat flaps, overhanging abdominal skin apron, and any skin rolls at the bottom of your abdomen.

Although a panniculectomy can help you remove extra fat from your pubic mound, it does not involve the tightening of your abdominal muscles like a full abdominoplasty.

4.     Pubic Liposuction (FUPA Lipo)

Liposuction for FUPA is a less invasive cosmetic procedure that can specifically remove fat from your upper pubic area and tone your lower abdomen. Unlike the surgical procedures mentioned above, liposuction does not remove any skin tissue and doesn’t tighten abdominal muscles. However, liposuction is very effective in flattening the bulging mons or FUPA by reducing the amount of fat in your mons pubis. It’s ideal for people who have minimal upper pubic area fat that doesn’t require surgical removal.

For patients with more prominent mons, Dr Hunt may recommend a combination of liposuction and monsplasty surgery to remove significant amounts of excess fat and lift the pubic area.

5.     Cryolipolysis – Fat Freezing Treatment

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical method that can help reduce FUPA and pubic fat. It uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze and get rid of fat cells. Cryolipolysis delivers very low temperatures specifically to the fat in the upper pubic area. Unlike diet and exercise which only shrink the size of your fat cells instead of removing them, cryolipolysis can make the fat cells in your bulging mons die and go away for good. Because of the freezing temperature, the fat cells become crystallised (frozen) then they break down and are removed over time by your body’s natural processes. The fat cells that are killed using this fat freezing procedure usually do not return.

Please note – Dr Hunt does NOT currently offer Cryolipolysis treatments like Coolscuplting, Claatu or Cooltech.

How to Get Rid Of FUPA Naturally?

You cannot naturally lose fat in only a specific part of your body. Usually, when you lose weight, fat will be reduced in different parts of your body. There are certain exercises and dietary plans that you can follow to lose weight, but there is no guarantee that your pubic area will get smaller after weight loss occurs.

Upper Pubic Area exercises to reduce your FUPA

Workouts targeting the lower abs (lower abdominal muscles) can work and strengthen your deeper core muscles and can help you tone your lower belly area.

Some exercises that can tighten your core and lower abs include:

  • The hundred: this is a classic Pilates exercise that can help you strengthen your core and tighten your deep abdominal muscles
  • Planks: high planks and forearm planks are abs exercises that help you build core strength and stability
  • Bicycle crunches: this type of exercise can help you strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles and obliques
  • Superman pose: this abs exercise is done with you lying on your stomach and slowly raising your arms and legs to work your deep abs muscles and tighten your core
  • Pike rollouts: this is done using an exercise ball. You assume a high plank position, place the tops of your feet on the ball, and roll your hips up and down to work your core muscles
  • Knee tucks: this is similar to a pike rollout. But instead of rolling your hips up and down, you slowly bring your knees in towards your chest, then back out
  • Body roll-ups: during a body rollup, you sit up straight with your arms and legs stretched out in parallel in front of you. You slowly roll your body backward until your back is flat on the floor. Then, you roll back up into the sitting position with your arms still stretched
  • Leg raises: you lay flat on your back and tuck your hands below your butt. Then, you slowly bring your legs up straight towards the ceiling and then back to the floor. This exercise can tighten your inner abs and increase your core strength
  • Pelvic tilts: this exercise is also known as “bridge”. You lay with your back on the floor, bend your knees, then slowly lift your pelvis as far up as you can. Pelvic tilts can engage your abs and help with your recovery after childbirth
  • Burpees: burpees can help you burn calories and lose weight faster. You drop to the floor into a push up position, then you jump back up into a standing position

These exercises alone cannot make you lose your upper pubic area belly fat. However, a consistent workout routine combined with a reduced-calorie intake can help you lose total body fat, tone your lower belly, and tighten your lower abdominal muscles. Your FUPA may improve.

Lifestyle changes can help get rid of your FUPA – Diet and Exercise

Besides targeted abs exercises, there are certain lifestyle changes you can make that can help you reduce your upper pubic area fat.

  • Follow a healthy diet: workout alone is not enough to significantly change the way your abs look. To lose significant weight, you need to reduce the number of kilojoules you eat per day creating a kilojoule deficit. Eating healthy food such as nuts, lean proteins, and vegetables, and avoiding sugary or processed food will make it easier for you to create a calorie deficit and shed extra weight
  • Add cardio exercises: exercises that target the upper pubic area can help you tone and strengthen your core but they don’t burn enough calories. Additional cardio activities like running, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, HIIT exercises, and biking can help you burn more calories and lose more fat including fat in your mons pubis area

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of FUPA Naturally?

Certain lifestyle changes, such as sticking to a regular workout routine and following a calorie deficit diet, can help you lose overall body fat and tone your body. A healthy diet and cardio exercises can help you lose some of the fat in your upper pubic area and reduce your bulging mons. Nonetheless, they cannot completely get rid of your FUPA and significantly tighten loose skin in your upper pubic area.

Dr Jeremy Hunt offers his patients a variety of cosmetic procedures that can improve the upper pubic area and change the appearance of the upper vaginal area. A monsplasty can be the perfect solution if you have excess fat that’s restricted to your pubic mound. In case you have excess fat and saggy skin in other areas of your abdomen, a tummy tuck/ abdominoplasty can be combined with a pubic lift to give your entire belly a flatter appearance and a better tone.

Keep in mind that although the results of these procedures are permanent, you can still gain weight and more fat cells after your cosmetic procedure. Make sure you follow a low-fat, low-calorie diet and a regular exercise routine to maintain the results of your fat removal procedures.

FAQs about Fat Upper Pubic Area and How to get rid of FUPA

Why do I have a FUPA if I’m skinny?

  • Your belly stores up the excess fat more easily than the rest of your body and your mons pubis area is susceptible to fat deposits. That’s why you can be skinny and still have excess fat in your belly or upper pubic area. This can happen especially if you don’t exercise and eat a lot of processed food. Additionally, some people have a genetic predisposition to having FUPA. This means their body is programmed to store fat in the mons pubis which leads to bulging mons even if they’re skinny elsewhere in their body.

How do skinny people get rid of FUPA?

  • If you want to specifically lose fat from your upper pubic area and not from other parts of your body, a monsplasty can help. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight from different parts of your body which might not be desirable if you’re already skinny. A pubic lift (monsplasty) can help you address your upper pubic area excess fat without losing additional weight.

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