What Makes a Face Beautiful?

What Makes a Face Beautiful?

How to achieve a more Beautiful face – Standards of Facial Beauty based on Research

I am sure you have all heard of the phrase “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Everyone has a different opinion on what is beautiful. We all have different celebrities that we admire in terms of beauty. This proves that perceptions of beauty are rarely shared. Scientists however love to measure things and beauty has been a topic of interest to them.

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Studying Human Perceptions of Beauty

We know for a fact that every human and race have a unique perception of what makes a face or a body beautiful. That is why perceptions of facial attractiveness and beauty vary between different cultures and religions. These cultural preferences change over time, similar to visual preferences; piercing, tattoos, and henna art. Every decade has a different beautiful face.

For instance, larger upper lips and bushier brows are currently on trend. Both of them were considered unattractive a few years back.

Once a new trend has been formulated, the perception remains relatively stable all across different cultures.


What Things Make a Face Beautiful ?

The following features are deemed universally attractive by most cultures:

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How do Scientists Define Beauty?

A lot of scientific research has been done on the topic of beauty. Please note that all the scientific research conducted on beauty/ attractiveness is based on cis-gendered, heterosexual men and women.

Below I have listed some of the characteristics and evolutionary theory behind why these attributes are so sought after.

1.  Facial Symmetry

Symmetry refers to the fact that one half of the face matches the other half. However, our faces are not exactly the same on both halves. We can see it in the mirror, our pictures, and most of us prefer one side of our face over the other. When images are manipulated for facial attractiveness, editors make an effort to match one side to the other side. It increases the likelihood of an individual being more attractive when compared to the unedited image. This is linked with the evolutionary drive to reproduce. In men, a symmetrical body correlates to sperm health and increased sperm count. Similarly, breast symmetry in women is often associated with increased fertility.

2.  Secondary Sexual Characteristics

By secondary sexual characteristics, we refer to the qualities that make your face more masculine or feminine post-puberty. Masculine features typically include a large jaw and a very prominent brow ridge and are linked with dominance. Similarly, fuller lips and higher cheeks are seen as attractive feminine features. Women who had more feminine faces supposedly have a higher circulating estrogen. Similarly, increased testosterone is linked with more manly features.

3.  Features Indicating a Good Health Condition

Features that indicate health and vitality are considered to be quite alluring. One such thing is good skin colour; we are not referring to skin tone but homogeneity/ evenness of skin colour. Along with smooth texture, fewer blemishes and lines are linked with the health of facial skin and are deemed attractive. Skin condition is also used as a marker of current health status.

Similarly, rosy cheeks and lips will subconsciously signal more oxygenated blood, signalling attractiveness. You might have noticed that men see women wearing red as more attractive. This association isn’t seen with other colours. Similarly, a pale or sallow skin tone along with a high waist to hip ratio in women indicates illness and are perceived as less attractive.

4. Indicators of Personality

People whose facial features seemed to indicate socially valued traits such as kindness, contentedness or cheerfulness are deemed as very attractive. While facial expressions are transient, people who smile more are rated as more beautiful than neutral faces especially when combined with direct eye contact.

5. Partner Status

Did you know that men who are labelled as married are more attractive than single men? Yes, it’s true and is proven by research. Women also rate men who are surrounded by other women as more attractive as compared to those who are surrounded by men.

6. Other Influencers of Attractiveness

If you look at the opposite sex and they have similar features to you, you will most likely not find them attractive when it comes to short-term relationships. This isn’t the case for long-term unions. I am sure we all have noticed couples who look very similar to each other. Some researchers believe that it is due to the fact that a certain part of the brain feels responsible for interpreting beauty, called the cingulate gyrus.

Other studies indicate that individuals are more drawn to faces in the age range consistent with the age of their parents at the time of birth. Moreover, women who had a very strong bonding with their fathers showed strong attraction to men whose facial features are similar to their fathers.

Attractive Facial Features in Women – What makes a Female Beautiful face?

The following features are deemed attractive in women based on current standards of beauty:

  • sun-kissed skin or good skin with fewer flaws and wrinkles
  • narrower face shape and nose
  • less fat on the face and neck
  • fuller lips
  • a slightly bigger distance between eyes
  • darker brows
  • longer/ thicker lashes
  • higher cheekbones
  • thinner eyelids

Most people who opt for plastic surgery aim at getting closer to this ideal. For instance, dermal fillers and lip fillers are used to achieve fuller lips and higher cheekbones. Treatments like brow tints and eyelash extensions help achieve stronger looking brows and eyes. Fat dissolving injections or chin lipo can be used to eliminate the fat underneath the chin and achieve a slimmer jawline.

Attractive Facial Features in Men – What makes a Male Beautiful Face?

The following features are deemed attractive in men based on the modern-day standards of beauty:

  • tan healthy skin
  • narrow face shape
  • less fat
  • fuller/ symmetrical lips
  • darker brows
  • darker lashes
  • higher cheekbones
  • prominent lower jaw
  • prominent chin
  • thinner lids
  • no wrinkles between nose/corner of the mouth

Men also choose plastic surgery to achieve a more masculine face. Similarly, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections target fine lines and wrinkles.


FAQs about What Makes a Face Beautiful

What type of face is most attractive?

  • A heart shape or a V-shaped face has been scientifically proven to be the most visually attractive face shape to have. (See Facial Golden Ratio too)

Which part of the female body attracts the most?

  • Based on research done, half of the male respondents voted for the Face as the most attractive aspect in females, followed by the Butt (18%), Hair (11%) and Legs (9%).

How can I get an attractive face naturally?

If you wish to alter your facial features completely, you might want to consider cosmetic surgery or non surgical procedures.

However, if you wish to look attractive naturally. Here are a few steps that can help you:

  • Eat a healthy nutrient-rich diet (It will reflect on your skin)
  • Shape your eyebrows in a way that they look more symmetrical
  • Drink enough water
  • Establish a good skincare routine to achieve healthy skin
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly

How can I look more attractive?

Looking attractive is more than having the perfect features and body. Here are a few proven steps that can help you look more attractive:

  • Smile more
  • Pay attention to your hygiene
  • Wear clean and ironed clothes
  • Pay attention to your hands and feet
  • Establish a good skincare routine
  • Do your hair
  • Walk tall and have a straight posture

Which skin tone is most attractive?

  • Every skin tone is beautiful. The goal is to have an even skin tone and quality skin rather than aspiring for a particular complexion.

What are the eight facial features?

  • The eight facial features are face, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, chin, and hair.

What is a perfect face?

  • A perfect face is all about symmetry. Bigger eyes, narrow nose, higher cheekbones, fuller lips and an overall proportionate face is considered to be attractive and supposedly perfect.

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