Butt Augmentation for Post Weight Loss Patients

Butt Augmentation for Post Weight Loss Patients

Butt Augmentation for Post Weight Loss Patients – Using a Butt Augmentation Flap

With increasing numbers of patients undergoing significant weight loss either through diet & exercise or bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, Dr Hunt has developed expertise in reconstructing the abdominal and lower body contour in these patients. Combining a butt augmentation flap with body lift surgery can help achieve a more attractive backside or contoured bum.

Solving the body lift problem of a flat butt

A popular procedure for post-weightloss patients known as a lower body lift or belt lipectomy provides removal of excess skin circumferentially. It can help with 360 degree body contouring.  Over time and with ongoing follow-up with our patients and their results, we found that patients often end up with a particularly flat butt or pancake buttock, which is a less than desirable aesthetic outcome. Patients don’t just want body reconstruction, they want a body lift that delivers the optimum volume contouring results. 

From this, the buttock augmentation flap has become an important part of my delivery of that goal to all of our patients.


360° Body Contouring – Looking good from all angles

As a Specialist Plastic surgeon and aesthetic cosmetic surgeon, I do appreciate that my patients want to look good from all angles, that is, from front to back and the sides, and to achieve this, the patients will more often than not undergo a form of 360° body contouring, be it with liposuctionabdominoplasty or body lift, often with a buttock augmentationAs part of this, the buttock is an important aesthetic element and has certainly increased its profile with procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift and the introduction of the importance of buttock aesthetics.

What is Empty Buttock Syndrome?

The empty buttock syndrome is the term used when patients undergo a circumferential lower body lift or belt lipectomy and end up with a flat butt. The removal of excess skin over an already empty buttock from weight loss results in an absolutely flat bottom. Aesthetically, this is not pleasing, and it caused problems as there is nothing for patients to hang their trousers on. As the evolution of surgical techniques and as surgeons with an interest in perfecting the patients’ results, we have developed techniques to address the “empty buttock syndrome.”

Case 1 – Body lift Patient – NO Buttock Augmentation

butt augmentation - empty buttlock syndrome - Dr Hunt

butt augmentation - empty buttlock syndrome - Dr Hunt

butt augmentation - empty buttlock syndrome - Dr Hunt

Lower body lift alone will flatten the buttock, producing a less than ideal result. The buttock augmentation flap will avoid this outcome. 

Options for Buttock Augmentation of Body lift Patients

1. Buttock implant  

A buttock implant made of silicone is an option. However, it is quite often fraught with difficulties as the implant can become displaced or malpositioned, and patients often do not desire an implant.

Please Note – Dr Hunt does NOT perform Buttock Implants

2. Fat transfer to the Butt (A BBL or Brazilian butt lift)

The fat transfer or Brazilian butt augmentation was particularly popular until it was identified that it carried a significantly high risk of complications and potential death. The issue is that when the fat transferred enters the circulation and becomes lodged in the heart or lungs, this can be fatal. The popularity of this procedure has decreased in recent times due to the high-risk profile. 

Please Note – Dr Hunt does NOT perform Brazilian Butt Lift

3. Buttock Autologous Fat Flaps

When doing a circumferential lower body lift, the excess tissue above the beltline on the lower back will be discarded. The option exists to utilise this excess fat, though as a form of buttock implant made from the patient’s own tissue, and has the advantage as it has a fully intact blood supply, ensuring that it will survive the procedure.  

This Autologous Butt Augmentation Flap is my preferred choice for ensuring patients achieve the optimal form of buttock aesthetics following abdominal contouring after massive weight loss and achieve that 360 degrees they are after.

Case 2  – Body Lift Patient With Buttock Augmentation Flap

Body Lif with Butt Augmentation Dr Hunt

Body Lif with Butt Augmentation Dr Hunt

Body Lift Patient With Buttock Augmentation Flap Sydney Dr Hunt

Lower body lift with buttock augmentation flap – following weight loss, the lost volume and shape of the buttock is reconstructed and restored with the autologous buttock augmentation flap.

Dr Hunt’s philosophy and evolution in butt augmentation flap surgery

As surgeons and scientists, we have performed research using three-dimensional cameras on patients’ shape and volume before surgery, during the operation, and in long-term follow-up. We have published our results internationally and presented them at multiple international meetings.

Buttock augmentation represented in a 3D image of an actual patient

butt augmentation flap surgery Vector Illustration

The flap will elevate the buttock and increase projection and volume thus avoiding a shapeless flat “pancake” buttock and “empty buttock syndrome”.

Who is a candidate for Butt Augmentation Flap?

Patients who have undergone massive weight loss with the descent of the buttocks and hollow, empty skin are candidates for a buttock augmentation flap. We also find that with signs of ageing, there is the descent of the buttock, and patients who are considering an abdominoplasty, including rejuvenation of the outer thighs and buttock, are also candidates for the procedure.


The buttock augmentation flap is a key part of a body contouring procedure in my practice.  

Dr Hunt aims to deliver an aesthetic improvement when patients are viewed from the front, the side, and the back, and we regard this as the gold standard now in his 360° body contouring procedures.

Feel free to contact the office if you would like an opinion regarding the procedure.

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