Benefits of Mentor Implants and Why Dr Hunt uses them

Benefits of Mentor Implants and Why Dr Hunt uses them

Benefits of Mentor Implants – When & Why Dr Hunt chooses them

There are many different types of breast implants available on the Australian market which can help you get optimal breast augmentation results. Mentor implants is one of the premier brands of breast implants, and it is the one that Dr Jeremy Hunt prefers to use. Mentor implants are made by Johnson & Johnson Medical a highly reputable medical device company.

When choosing the right breast implant, there are many implant options including Brand, Size, Profile, Shape and Filling including Cohesivity ( or firmness ) of the silicone gel


Why Does Dr Hunt prefer Mentor Implants over other Implant Brands?

Dr Hunt chooses to use Mentor implants as well as Motiva implants as he believes these both offer the optimal short-term and long-term results for patients and have a good product support. Other implant brands are available but Dr Hunt’s selection of Mentor and Motiva implants for his patients is based on his experience and their excellent clinical record.

In some cases, the Motiva ergonomic gel implant is preferred if the patient is seeking a softer teardrop-shaped result. If a firmer gel is needed in a teardrop-shaped implant, a Mentor CPG will be preferred as it will “drive” the breast shape.

For round breast implants, if patients are seeking a particularly high-volume upper pole, then a progressive gel plus Motiva implant will offer more fulness in the upper pole than a Mentor implant.

Some patients may desire a blend between the two and, as with all of Dr Hunt’s patients, it is a case of tailoring the patient’s needs to the specific device used to ensure they achieve good results.

Benefits of Mentor Implants

Mentor implants are widely used in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery due to their high safety and efficacy.

1. Mentor Implant Feel

There are quite a few benefits of using mentor implants, the most important of which is the feel of the implant. As Mentor implants contain three options for Cohesivity of the silicone gel, different results can be achieved, and the specific patient desires can be met. All of the Mentor implants mimic natural breast tissue very well.

2. Mentor Implant Shape, Size & Profile

Apart from the content of the implant, the shape, size, and profiles of the Mentor implants also help mimic the natural appearance of the breast tissue. If you opt for a teardrop shop breast implant with low profiles, they look and feel like real breast tissue. 

3. Mentor Implant Gel

Moreover, the use of MemoryGel technology is an innovative approach that has not been applied by anyone but Mentor Worldwide. It has helped replicate the firmness and natural aspect of the breast tissue while also ensuring the safety of the patient. 

The Mentor Implant Range

The Mentor Implant range includes three main implant types, based on the contents of the implant. And a special fourth type of breast implant is used for breast reconstruction, mostly for cancer patients.

1. Mentor (Round) MemoryGel Breast Implants

Memory Gel - Round Mentor Implants Sydney - Dr Jeremy Hunt Leading Breast Plastic Surgeon

Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants are a type of Mentor Gel Implants that are filled with a cohesive gel that replicates the feel and texture of the natural breast. The custom gel in these implants is a type of silicone gel that is highly viscous so that it mimics natural tissue.

The MemoryGel and Gel implants by Mentor are covered by a shell of cross-linked silicone elastomer layers. The use of this specific shell ingredient is what is responsible for the elasticity and integrity of the breast implant.  Moreover, these breast implants are more uniform and firm when it comes to their shape. The MemoryGel and Gel breast implants are more often used than the saline and Spectrum Adjustable saline breast implants due to the natural look and feel of this implant type. 

Similar to Saline breast implants, Dr Hunt performs a test to assess the stability and integrity of the implant right before they are used. He applies pressure to the implant slightly and manipulates it to ensure that there aren’t any leaks or weak spots in the elastomer shell.  

These round implants come with two forms of silicone gel fill, and each will have its uses in different patients. The key to a good outcome is to tailor the implant choice to the patient’s needs and desired outcome to achieve good results. 

  • Cohesivity I – with a softer gel, also known as less form stable, will create a softer feel to the implant.
  • Cohesivity II – is a firmer, more form stable gel that will create a firmer result but offers less rippling and more upper pole fullness.

Mentor MemoryGel breast implants are safe and effective breast implants that have been approved for use by the TGA and by the FDA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2006. 

2. Mentor Contour Profile Shaped –  Mentor Teardrop or Anatomic Breast Implants 

Teardrop Mentor Implants Sydney - Dr Jeremy Hunt Leading Breast Plastic Surgeon

The Mentor Contour Profile Breast Implants are also filled with the proprietary silicone gel that holds its own and remains uniform in shape. The gel is Cohesivity III that offers more firmness and shape maintenance than the Cohesivity I or II implants. The implant is manufactured such that it does not rotate once in the chest cavity and stays the same as when it was implanted. The advantage to the shape and stability of the gel shape within the implant is that it can be used to more effectively alter the breast shape and thus drive the final shape of the augmented breast to the desired result. 

The projection choices for the Mentor CPG implants are impressive. Also, Contour Profile breast implants are only available in the Siltex textured shells, unlike MemoryGel, which is available in both smooth and textured shells. The textured shell, however, is made of the same silicone elastomer as the MemoryGel Implants. 

The Mentor Contour Profile or CPG breast implants are also safe and effective, just like other Mentor implants. The efficacy and safety of these implants were studied in a multicenter clinical study. The study was performed over a period of 10 years, and in the end, it was concluded that the implant could be safely used in women over the age of 22 years for breast augmentation procedures. 

3. Mentor Saline Breast Implants and Mentor Spectrum Adjustable Saline Breast Implants

Spectrum Mentor Implants Sydney - Dr Jeremy Hunt Leading Breast Plastic Surgeon

Two different types of implants are mentioned here, and they are grouped as they are both saline implants. The features of both types of implants are quite different, but they are placed in the same category due to their contents. 

Mentor Saline Breast Implants have a shell made of room temperature vulcanized silicone elastomer, which is made of polydimethylsiloxane. This shell is then filled with sterile saline fluid before the implant is placed into the breast pocket. 

The Mentor brand studied the effectiveness of Mentor Saline implants using two open-label clinical studies. The first study, LST, was a 1-year study that was performed mainly to assess four specific safety outcomes in a large group of patients. The size of the study means that the results are more likely to be accurate and can be depended on. The second study that was done for the effectiveness and safety of the saline breast implants was the SPS study, which was performed over a period of 3 years, with a yearly 3-year follow-up. Based on these studies, the Mentor Saline Breast Implants can be safely used for the purpose of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

The Mentor Spectrum Adjustable Saline implants also have a shell that is made of room temperature vulcanized silicone elastomer (polydimethylsiloxane). The main difference between the two saline breast implants, as the name implies, is that the Spectrum implants are filled both pre-implantation and post-implantation. This allows for more flexibility in the placement of the implant. The safety and efficacy of both implants were studied in the clinical studies above.

Moreover, both Mentor Saline and Mentor Spectrum Adjustable Saline implants are tested for the integrity of the implant before they are inserted under the glandular tissue or the pectoral muscles. Dr Hunt performs a test in the operating room right before the implant is used during the procedures. The implants are half-filled with air and then submerged into water or saline to see if there are any punctures or leaks in your implant. This way, only the optimal implant is placed during your breast augmentation or reconstruction procedure. 

The saline breast implants by Mentor have a self-sealing valve to ensure no leaks once placed and allow the surgeon to fill the implant accordingly. They are available in different sizes and projections, which you can choose from, based on your preferences. 

4. Mentor Tissue Expanders

tissue expanders Mentor Implants Sydney - Dr Jeremy Hunt Leading Breast Plastic Surgeon

Tissue expanders are temporary placeholders that are used for less than six months to help with the placement of the breast implants during the breast reconstruction procedure. The tissue expanders are placed during the reconstruction procedure. The surgeon fills saline into the expander slowly so that the breast tissue expands. This is done over a period of a maximum of six months, and by then, your tissue has expanded enough that it can accommodate the new breast implant. 

Mentor has two different types of tissue expanders/implants, namely, Mentor Becker Expander/Implants and Mentor CPX4 Tissue Expander. The Mentor Becker expander and implant allow the surgeon to increase the size or decrease it as desired by you. It is filled with saline and has a port hanging out. 

The Mentor CPX4 Tissue expander has a shell made of cross-linked silicone elastomer to support the stretching of the skin. The shell is textured to allow for collagen interface building. The CPX4 expanders are equipped with a Bufferzone area along with a self-sealing zone. This allows the silicone gel to stay within the expander and reduces the need for a port. The self-sealing zone also prevents any gel leakage in case of an accidental needle puncture. Furthermore, the seal of the expander is assessed by Dr Hunt right before they are implanted. 

Moreover, this device can be attached to the surrounding breast tissue, so the expander has stability and does not move or rotate. It is important to note that there is a magnetic seal on the Mentor CPX4 tissue expander implants, which means that if you have them, you cannot use the MRI machine. 

Different Types of Mentor Implant Surfaces

Mentor Breast Implants are available with a full range of shell surfaces, from smooth to textured. 

  • Smoother implants are now the more popular type after recent fears of an increased risk of a rare form of lymphoma or cancer (BIA ALCL) associated specifically with textured implants.
  • Highly Textured Implant shells can allow the easier building of the collagen interface on the surface of the implant (The capsule) and were previously popular to prevent capsular contracture but are now rarely used after fears of increased risks of BIA ALCL.

Apart from Mentor Profile Contour breast implants, all Mentor breast implants are available in both types of surfaces. 

Dr Hunt prefers to use a lightly textured implant that takes advantage of the decrease in risk of capsular contracture and allowing stability of position when using a shaped implant while not carrying a high risk of ALCL.

Dr Hunt has never used heavily textured polyurethane implants and continues to follow the guidelines of the TGA, which has now given an undertaking that they should not be placed in patients. The risk of ALCL versus the texture on the implant needs to be balanced against the advantages of a textured device. It is well accepted that the benefits of a textured implant used appropriately are not outweighed by the risks of ALCL in appropriate patient choice and where patients are allowed to make an educated and informed decision.   

Different Mentor Implant Profiles

An implant profile refers to the projection of the implant from your chest. It basically means how much the implant will stand out. A low implant profile means the implant will be wider at the base and not far off from the chest. A high implant profile, at the same time, means narrower implants that have an appropriate ratio of volume to cleavage. 

Mentor round and shaped breast implants are available in a range of implant profiles, such as

  • Moderate Classic, Moderate Plus, Moderate High, High Profile, Ultra High Profile, Moderate Plus Xtra, and High Profile Xtra.

 Profiles Memory Gel - Dr Jeremy Hunt Leading Breast Plastic Surgeon

In the consultation process, Dr Hunt will determine the dimensions of your chest wall onto which the implant will be placed. You will also have the opportunity to then select the volume of the implant that you desire using an implant sizing system.

With the combination of the dimensions of your chest and your desired volume, Dr Hunt will make a decision on how to spread that volume over your chest to achieve the result you desire. This largely will then determine if the implant needs to be low, medium, or high profile if a round implant is chosen. If you want more fullness in the upper pole of the breast, it is likely a round implant that will be a preferable choice. If the result you desire favours more the shape of a natural breast with fullness in the lower pole, it is more likely that a shaped Mentor implant will be selected.

The advantage of the shaped devices is that the firmer gel will also drive the final result and will add to further expansion of particularly tight skin envelopes, which is often the case in very small-breasted women. If an anatomical shaped implant is chosen, there are multiple options for adjusting the width and the height of the implants to accommodate your chosen volume to fit onto your chest dimension. It is this specific tailoring process that allows to achieve optimal results and Dr Hunt to deliver the results that meet his standard and expectations.

About the Manufacturer of Mentor Implants

Mentor Worldwide is a leading supplier of breast implants for the improvement of breast aesthetics in the world. The brand has a patent-first approach they use when designing and manufacturing breast implants. They aim to make their implants feel and look as natural as they can so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. Each implant comes with safety instructions and guidelines on when the implant should be used and when it should be avoided. 

Mentor breast implants also come with a general guide on how the placement procedure should be performed and how surgeons can avoid risks and complications associated with the procedure. The manufacturer performs safety testing even after the implants are manufactured and sent out to the market to ensure that they are safe. It is also to assess the implants against the current research and standards. 

The ingredients used in the manufacturing process of the Mentor breast implants have been reviewed by the FDA, including the proprietary cohesive gel that fills the MemoryGel breast implants. Moreover, the shells that are composed of cross-linked silicone elastomers have also been tested, and the toxicology report of those shells confirms they are safe to use. 

2019 Textured Implant Recall by TGA – Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration

In 2019 Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recalled any unused stock of 8 specific types of breast implants from different brands, including Mentor breast implants.  See TGA Breast Implant information

The TGA initially suspended the use of these implants over the risks of BIA ALCL, a type of cancer associated with the implants. Mentor’s Siltex textured shell implants were one of the implants recalled and suspended because textured shell implants are associated with increased growth of Ralstonia bacteria. This bacteria enters the body during the placement of the implant and grows a biofilm on the surface, causing chronic irritation of the breast tissue. 

Textured implants are generally placed into two categories; micro-textured implants such as Mentor Siltex implants and macro-textured implants such as those manufactured by Allergen.  It was found that macro-textured implants had a higher incidence of BIA ALCL and hence, have been banned from ever being used by the TGA. Micro-textured implants, on the other hand, have a 1 in 86,000 risk of developing BIA ALCL, which is why the use of Siltex implants use has not been banned by TGA. 

TGA and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) has recommended implant sterilising by washing the implant with half-strength betadine to reduce the risk of Ralstonia infection, which can lead to further complications such as BIA ALCL. 

Furthermore, surgeons were asked by TGA to follow up with patients who had undergone a breast augmentation procedure or breast reconstruction procedure with Mentor Siltex implants. The removal of these implants was NOT recommended as they do not pose a higher risk. Moreover, the use of half-strength betadine reduces the risk of BIA ALCL significantly, further proving that the removal of the implants is not required. 

Risks of BIA ALCL & BII with Breast Implants

Breast implants can have a silicone shell that is smooth or textured, with the latter providing a surface for collagen interlinking. The textured implants have been found to increase the risk of developing an important and serious implant-related condition, namely, breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Breast implant illness (BII) is yet another condition caused by having breast implants, but the risk factors for it are not yet clearly known. 

Australia, America, and 37 other countries have banned the use of Allergan Biocell textured implants as a measure of safety. This unanimous decision was made after they were found to have the highest risk of resulting in BIA ALCL amongst all textured implant manufacturing brands. 

Mentor Implant FAQs – Questions about Mentor Implants

Is Mentor a good implant?

  • Mentor breast implants are known for their safety and efficacy, along with high customer satisfaction rates. They are one of the premium brands for breast implants in Australia. They last for a long time and are approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

What is a good brand of breast implant?

  • The right implant brand for you depends on what type of implant you are looking for and what profile and size you want. Based on this, you can decide which breast implant brand is optimal for you. The Mentor breast implants provide you with a large range of implant types, contours, sizes, and profiles. Apart from the multiple options, Mentor breast implants can be considered to be of good quality because of their proven safety, longevity, and efficacy.

What is the difference between Mentor and Motiva implants?

  • Both Mentor and Motiva are premium quality breast implants. Both implants are available in different shapes and sizes. The implants differ in terms of content and implant surfaces as they use different manufacturing processes. Dr Hunt strives to achieve good results in all of his patients, and in some cases, a Mentor implant will be the optimal device to achieve this. In other patients, a Motiva implant may be the preferred option. It is the experience with thousands of patients and the process of tailoring the procedure to meet the patient’s needs and expectations that will drive the decision as to which implant suits your needs. It really depends on your existing tissue and desired new breasts.

What company makes Mentor implants?

  • Mentor implants are manufactured in Santa Barbara, California, in the United States by the company Mentor Worldwide LLC. This company is owned by two other companies, Johnson & Johnson, and Sientra Inc., of Santa Barbara, California. 

How long do Mentor implants last?

  • We recommend seeking a medical review if you notice any change in the size, shape, or feel of the breast after a breast augmentation and having the implants reviewed after ten years, even if there is no concern, just so a medical professional can assure you that the implants are fine. Implants only need to be changed if there is a concern or issue or if patients desire a breast implant revision of the size of the implant 

Are textured implants banned in Australia?

  • As of 2020, heavily textured breast implants have been banned in Australia over the risk of developing a specific and rare, breast implant-associated cancer, namely, breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA ALCL). Initially, there was a recall of eight different heavy-textured breast implants, but that soon resulted in a complete ban of all heavily textured breast implants. Micro or nanotextured implants such as those produced by Mentor and Motiva are still used in Australia as approved by the TGA. Some so-called cosmetic surgeons are still using textured implants.

Does Mentor make gummy bear implants?

  • Mentor is one of the three brands that manufacture gummy bear implants. The gummy bear implants by Mentor are called MemoryShape Gummy Bear Breast Implants, and they are widely popular for their firm yet natural feel and appearance.

Are Mentor breast implants and Allergan breast implants the same?

  • Mentor and Allergan are two completely different companies and implant brands. They are both made by premier manufacturers known for their quality breast implants. They both produce high-quality implants that can be used for breast augmentation procedures and breast reconstruction procedures. 

Are Mentor implants textured?

  • Mentor breast implants are available with a textured shell, such as Mentor Siltex Implants. The texture is “micro-texture,” not the heavy texture that has been heavily linked to ALCL. The choice between a smooth and more textured shell is yours to make, and you can consult with your surgeon prior to the surgery to help you make this decision. 

Are Mentor textured implants safe?

  • Mentor’s textured implants have been studied in many clinical studies before their approval and were studied post-approval as well to ensure the safety of the implants. Despite there being a risk of BIA ALCL with the use of textured implants, this risk was found to be mostly associated with Allergan textured implants as opposed to Mentor or Sientra textured implants. Moreover, doctors were notified of the potential risk of cancer and asked to follow up with patients with a textured implant rather than removing the implant. Overall, Mentor’s textured implants are regarded as safe for use and quite effective in producing a natural feel in the breast. 

Are Mentor breast implants smooth?

  • Mentor breast implants are available as smooth and micro-textured breast implants. They have different types of breast implants, and almost all of these implant types are available in both forms. The choice between these implants is yours to make.  

Is Mentor Memory gel saline or silicone?

  • Mentor memory gel breast implants are filled with a cohesive gel that is a form of silicone. The features of this gel gives the breast a natural-looking appearance and texture. 

Does Medicare cover breast implant replacement?

  • Generally speaking, the national insurance provider covers any procedure that is deemed to be medically necessary. The removal of a breast implant that is causing issues or concerns is deemed a medical problem and is covered under Medicare. Breast implant replacement, though, is not regarded as medically necessary and is not covered unless the implant was placed in the setting of breast reconstruction after breast cancer or the treatment of medical disease of the breast such as Tuberous breast disease. In cases where people who have undergone cosmetic breast augmentation procedures which were not medically necessary, Medicare rules state that breast implant replacement is considered as a cosmetic procedure that isn’t covered by Medicare.

Medical References about Mentor Breast Implants

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